Founded in 2005, our society aims to promote an interest in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology in school, allowing students to appreciate the beauty and wonders of the universe.


  1. Astronomical talks. Topics include:

    • The new solar system
    • Pluto: revolution from the outer solar system
    • Journey to the edge of the universe
    • The life of stars: from nebulae to black holes
    • Messier and deep sky objects
    • Celestial highlights
    • Solar astronomy
    • Greek mythology
    • The origin and evolution of the moon
    • Sun, moon and earth: eclipses, tides and other phenomena
    • Totality
    • Aurora
    • Great comets
    • Big bang cosmology
    • Special and general relativity
    • Quantum physics
    • High energy physics

  2. Workshops on the use of astronomical instruments
  3. Astrophotography workshops
  4. Observations, including solar observation and stargazing nights
  5. Visits to local astronomical centres
  6. Amateur telescope-making courses
  7. Public outreach activities


Teacher-in-charge: Mr David Leong
Venue: Room 614
Time: 3:50pm-5:00pm (Every Friday)


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