S.1 Curriculum

Subjects taught in English English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, History, Geography, Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education
Other Language Spanish (work with Pui Ching Academy)
中文教學 中國語文、中國歷史、社會、普通話、聖經

S.4 Curriculum

Subjects Taught in English English Language, Mathematics M1/M2, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Economics, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies
Other Language Japanese (work with Pui Ching Academy)
中文教學 中國語文、通識教育、中國歷史、中國文學、視覺藝術

Medium of Instruction

school activitiesIn accordance with fine-tuning the policy of medium of instruction, our School has been using English as the medium of instruction for all academic subjects excluding Chinese Language, Chinese History, Putonghua and Religious Education (Christianity) since 2010-11.

English is used in daily announcements and to disseminate information so as to give students more exposure to English. In junior forms, there are smaller English classes. Students of Forms 1 to 5 are streamed into five, six and seven divisions respectively based on their English proficiency. Teachers can vary their teaching methods and schedules according to the students’ diverse needs. The English Activity Centre, equipped with extensive learning facilities and resources such as computers, audio-visual equipment, movies, books and magazines, has been set up to enhance effective English learning. It is often used for oral lessons, co-curricular activities, games, informal English communication with teachers and peers and self-access language learning.